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Hair blog - My quest to achieving healthy hair

We all know that eating well, getting plenty of rest and taking moderate exercise are the keys to vibrantly healthy skin and hair. But have you taken a look at the ingredients in your shampoo recently? It’s not a pretty picture. Chemical ingredients such as silicone and sodium lauryl sulphate undermine and destroy our hair’s natural ability to shine. They literally strip the hair shaft of all natural oils and then coat it in plastic-like materials. Not healthy at all!

Drawing on my own personal experience using commercial hair products and always left feeling cheat, unsatisfied and even lied to by these brands, I wanted to make a difference in my industry. This tied in with my passion for the environment I decided to stat my own range of hair care products that work, enhancing the natural shine, that work with and for the body and skin and without the plastic wrapping too!

So I started my own haircare company to create a truly healthy range of products. I banished all “Nasties” first – absolutely no silicone, sodium lauryl sulphate or propylene glycol, parabens and synthetic polymers.

Instead, I dug myself deep in research exploring which natural ingredients could help people all over the world dealing with skin condition such as seborrhea and such. I create special formulas containing ethical and environmentally friendly natural and naturally derived ingredients.


One of my favourite finds is Castor Oil. This is a rich, natural oil that works like a serum, moisturising and smoothing the hair, leaving it soft and silky but still manageable. Another vital ingredient I use in my shampoos is Inulin, a natural derivative of chicory. Inulin, is a prebiotic, which protects the scalp’s ecosystem, stimulating its defense barrier by preventing colonization of harmful flora. Dry, flaky patches are reduced and soothed, a healthy scalp then promotes glossy hair growth.

Starting my own business was exhilarating – and sometimes scary – but I feel great about the products I’ve created. Take a look at the labels on your shampoo and consider what you’re putting on your hair. There are other options. As I always say, “Healthy Scalp, Healthy Hair”. Be kind to your hair – and Yourself! Today! 😊

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