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Green Eyes and Makeup

Eyelashes and eyebrows


With an emphasis on providing high-quality treatments in just 15 minutes, we offer a precise "thread and color" technique that will elevate and sharply define your eyebrow arches.  

Eyebrows like Audrey; eyebrow look inspired by the late, brilliant actress Audrey Hepburn, combines waxing, tweezers and floss to get the perfect powerful eyebrow

After something a little more permanent? In addition to raising and tinting eyebrow arches and curling eyelashes, we also offer semi-permanent eyebrow makeup and microblading for natural-looking eyebrows.

From the classic shape and tinting to semi-permanent microblading, there is something for everyone on the menu.




Book with us your place for monthly maintenance or decide on the transformation of eyebrows and eyelashes.

  • classic shape and tinting

  • thread and color

  • eyebrows like Audrey

  • eyebrow transformation and eyelash curling

Eyelashes and eyebrows
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