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Body Massage


Wellness Packages

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  • Najpopularni

    Wellness Package

    Every month
    Perfect for those dedicated to relaxation, improving posture, overall wellbeing and slimming.
    Valid for 3 months
    • Specialising in lymphatic drainage and slimming massages
    • Improve overall welbeing and equilibrium
    • relieve all the aches and pains, and muscle tension

Deep massage or deep tissue massage is similar to Swedish massage, but is mainly used to treat injuries caused by stress, sports injuries, stiffness of major muscle groups and joints, and chronic muscle tension. It is performed with light and deep strokes, with the application of continuous pressure, in order to hit the inner layers of the muscles and connective tissue. This helps to break down scar tissue, which occurs after an injury, and reduces tension in muscles and tissues.


This wonderful relaxing treatment works on the reflex points of the feet to alleviate symptoms and promote healing of a wide range of problems from fertility, through irritable bowel syndrome, to stress and migraines.

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