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Cuticle cream

Cuticle cream

Home chefs, gardeners, and just about anyone who works with their hands can regularly have problems with dry, cracked cuticles. This soothing cuticle balm is packed with an herbal blend that will mend those cracks and make hands soft again. Like all of my homemade beauty products, it is completely natural and gentle on skin!

Have you ever noticed the skin around your fingers becoming sore, tender, or inflamed? Picking at dry skin around your cuticles allows bacteria to grow and could lead to infections.


A cuticle's job is to protect your nails from infection. When they get torn, the bacteria can get in. So using this cuticle balm can actually protect your fingers from common skin infections.


Cuticle balm softens your cuticles so you don’t pick at them. It also helps your fingers speed up healing and grow healthier skin faster. Infact this so called hands so soft cuticle nail balm is so jam packed full of nouishing goodies for the skin when you order 50ml and you need the tiniest bit for your hands, were sure that youll fall so in love with this product so much youll want to use it everywhere.


    • imortella infused almond oil
    • mango butter
    • beewax
    • lavender essential oil
    • peppermint essential oil
    • eucalyptus essential oil
    • fennel essential oil
    • Clary sage essential oil

    You don't really need very much of it.

    To use it, rub a finger or two in the balm, just like you would for chapstick. Rub the balm on your cuticles at the base of your nails. Keep rubbing the balm in until it alleviates the dryness and itching. Apply this as often as you feel is necessary. It's safe to use after every handwashing.


    You want to store it in something that will keep it in its solid state. I used these tiny metal tins since they are the perfect size for me to store in my purse or bag. You only really need a little bit for your fingers anyway!

    Word of advice: Keep it out of the sun and away from heat sources like heaters and lamps or the balm will lose its consistency.

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